Cubique DJ drops an EP

Cubique DJ drops an EP

Lesego Komane

Recrudescence is an occurrence of an undesirable condition or disease, & we💓it!

In this case the Covid19 Pandemic.

Track 1 Features XXC Legacy, who speaks about a good time to live life because we don't have much time on this uncertain space.

Track 2 is titled "Rampant" simply meaning meaning widespread or pandemic. It's a 8 minute 49 second soulful instrumental with flutes, keys and percussion.

Track 3 is titled "Undercover Lover" which is basically a song for side chicks, for in these hectic times you're probably either locking down with one or wish you were lol. It features the extremely talented "Nathan X"

Track 4 "Tear Us Apart" which has a recurring vocal by me just singing "There's no virus that can tear us apart". Basically bringing hope to the people and reminding you that you're strong and indestructible.

Track 5 is an instrumental version of "Tear Us Apart"

Track 6 is when we get out of the situation or out of lockdown and are ready to dance our minds off this crazy condition.
It is titled "Size Ngok'jaiva la and features soulful songstress "Bassielelo"

Out Now on all digital music outlets.
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