Omagoqa - a trio creating new wave gqom with the artistic intention to always let the masses feel the indigenous authenticity of sound. Their music showcases a version of gqom coined as ‘uThayela’, which translates literally as “corrugated iron” and is used to describe “a rougher sound with a harder bassline that it is made for clubs”. It's a proud testament to a love of South African creativity and music. The group is made up of Andile Mazibuko (stage name Ma_A), Franco Makhathini (stage name KB) and Njabulo Sibiya (stage name Chase). The trio has been together for over 7 years and are a collaborative team that have worked alongside the likes of DJ Lag, Que DJ , Zvri, Jimbo Soundz, Cultivated Soulz, Scelo Gowane, Madanon & Newlands Finest. Omagoqa plays a raw sound, it can be aggressive and dark, but there isn’t a moment when the crowd isn’t giving it all back. They pull elements from EDM , Electronic & Dance/House to bring their unique music to life. Omagoqa is cementing their name in the music industry, they’ve performed at events like Ballantines Boiler Room and their sound and energy already has a solid reputation in the South African music and nightlife scenes. It's difficult not to have a good time at their performances, if you didn’t come to dance, the night isn’t going to go to plan. The collective's ambition is international and they’re planning on pushing that agenda aggressively with the EP - Feel The Bass.
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Durban , KwaZulu-Natal , South Africa