S3 EP2

Tshepi chats to Dr. Rendani and asks her: Do contraceptives affect women negatively?

  Lesego Komane

Tuesday Dancefit: Bends and Plies

Plies sculpt your inner thighs and firm your glutes, giving you lean and strong dancer's legs. Doing them is safer for the knees, because your legs are wider apart. If you have weak knees and would like to work out your legs without putting strain on your knees, doing plies is a good exercise for you.

  Lesego Komane

Chicago city councilor calls for two 24-hour clubs solely dedicated to house music

House music was born in Chicago‘s underground club culture back in the late 1970s. Going on to shape electronic dance music for the next fifty years, one high ranking city official is now calling for a perpetual celebration of the city’s musical roots. Chicago city councilor Carlos Ramirez-Rosa has made the suggestion that the city host two 24-hour clubs dedicated to house music.

  Lesego Komane

Our favorite HomeKit-compatible smart home gadgets make your household more connected​

You can control HomeKit-compatible devices with Apple's voice assistant, Siri. By using voice commands, you can effortlessly communicate with your smart home devices without having to leave your seat. This privilege opens up a world of wonders, such as making your smart home gadgets more cohesive and your life a little easier. Looking for the best smart home devices compatible with Apple HomeKit? Then we have you covered with our favorite selections.

  Lesego Komane

A Little Too Deep

Featured Audio Podcast: Inside The South African Only Fans Industry with Tej & Kush.

  Lesego Komane

Love Lockdown

Navigating Relationships During Covid-19. An article by Marvin.

  Marvin Magazine

One on One with Tekniq

About his life changing experiences translated musically through his ethereal album, LIBRAH

  Pu Yi

Restaurant Review: Proud Mary

A cute restaurant is always on the agenda! I had the pleasure of trying out a new spot called Proud Mary in Rosebank and my word, what a lovely spot. It is right at the end of the Zone @ Rosebank and the view is pleasing, as you see people going about their daily lives and some sexy cars.

  Rebaneilwe Semakane

The Ivy Has Flavourful and Delectable Food

The Ivy Has Flavourful and Delectable Food The Ivy Champagne Garden situated at Bedfrdview's HQ Office Park, Block A, 3rd floor, got a relaxing feel to it. I did my booking via email 48 hours prior and received a prompt response as confirmation.

  Leletu Leeu

We Review The Vibrant Amari Lush MCC

We Review The Vibrant Amari Lush MCC Last week two friends and I gathered for a lovely dinner paired with the Amari Lush MCC. MCC is short for Methode Cap Classique, a South African name for bottle-fermented sparkling wine, it's one of the most exciting wine categories currently growing at 15% per year.

  Leletu Leeu