Buy Black Week 7-14 Dec

Buy Black Week 7-14 Dec

Lesego Komane

Challenging black consumers to spend their money on black owned products & services.

According to statistics, only 10% of the income in the black community is spent in the black community. This has led to widespread poverty within most black communities because their money is spent in other communities, thus enriching those communities.

Buy Black is a movement that inspires and influences black South Africans to circulate money within the black community by buying black products and services. Money circulation has played a major role in alleviating poverty and creating collective prosperity in many communities around the world.

What does this look mean? Below are a few challenges that consumers can take. The goal is to spend a minimum of R700.00 on the products and services below in a single week:

Eat at black owned restaurants

Buy clothing from black designers

Buy furniture from black manufactures

Buy fruits and vegetables from black farmers and vendors

Do vehicle and electronic repairs at black owned businesses

Visit black owned hair salons, beauty spas, and gyms

Book at black owned hotels, B n B’s and lodges

Acquire the services of black professionals in any sector

Attend live events hosted by black artists and entertainers, including music concerts, comedy nights, plays, etc.