Reba on the new Suzuki S-Presso

Reba on the new Suzuki S-Presso

Rebaneilwe Semakane

The all new Suzuki S-Presso is the newest budget car offering from Suzuki. Priced from R145900, this makes it the cheapest car in South Africa, but is it worth it? To be frank, no.

This car has many flaws and not much makes up for it. The ride is better than a Datsun Go’s but it feels unstable and unsafe. There is a lot of body roll, clattering and rattling when you go above 60km/ph., and it only has 2 airbags. I didn’t like much about it but the fuel efficiency and space for passengers.

The boot is deep but narrow, so only one luggage bag can fit and maybe a small cooler box. This isn’t a car for the highway for it is meant for inner city driving. It unfortunately failed NCAP safety ratings, scoring 0 in a crash test, and meaning that in impact, you could be seriously injured or worse – passIt has Apple CarPlay and Android Auto and the sound system is decent for a car of its caliber. There are much better budget cars out there, such as the Hyundai i10, Kia Picanto, Datsun Go (I know, right) and the Suzuki Swift or Polo Vivo, but the latter two are more expensive. I would not recommend this car to consumers unless they’re strapped for money and this is all they can afford, then by all means, go for it.

It just isn’t a safe car and I believe that it should be recalled from the South African market. This product is cashing in on our economic state and the plight of low salaries and the fact that we are an emerging economy, which compromises on safety a whole lot. The materials feel very poor and the plastics in the car are just everywhere. One cannot even adjust the steering wheel.

It is not a car I would recommend to anyone.


All Images by Nhlanhla Dlamini