10 Small Changes That Will Improve Your Life

10 Small Changes That Will Improve Your Life

Pu Yi

Small changes usually lead to huge results. 

Matt D'Avella, an American filmmaker, YouTuber and entrepreneur, has helped me work on certain aspects of my life. Amongst other things, through him, I learnt about minimalism, a theory on living with what is necessary. 

Minimalism sterms from stoicism, a philosophy teaching about focusing on what matters and is of priority in one's life. (Hopefully, one day, there'll be an opportunity to talk on it.) As a minimalist, Matt eloquently shares tips on improving life; managing daily goals, mental health and relationships. His YouTube channel has 3.14 million subscribers.        

As a freelancer, usually my attention is on a lot of things. For an example, a day I could be editing videos, video recording, live streaming, writing proposals, having meetings or studying. Sometimes, there's more. I had to learn to channel my focus on what I deem as important, via Matt's minimalist approach, I've seen progress. 

I would waste time on social media and miss deadlines. Or, I'd forget out-lined tasks. Matt D'Avella's videos have pointers on dealing with such small things like having a 'To do' notebook, to check on goals to be achieved. One of his videos that assisted was '10 small changes that will improve your life'.

Matt D'Avella, on his 10 min enlightening video, gives tips and these are my favourite ones:
1 - To wake-up early using an alarm, place it at the opposite end of your bedroom.
2 - Add one personal item to your 'To do' list, creating a work balanced life. Like calling a spouse or family member.
3 - Create a folder, maybe on Gmail, keeping work related praises. This works like motivation, when you're feeling down.      

Watch his video for more tips: