Our favorite HomeKit-compatible smart home gadgets make your household more connected​

Our favorite HomeKit-compatible smart home gadgets make your household more connected​

Lesego Komane

You can control HomeKit-compatible devices with Apple's voice assistant, Siri. By using voice commands, you can effortlessly communicate with your smart home devices without having to leave your seat. This privilege opens up a world of wonders, such as making your smart home gadgets more cohesive and your life a little easier. Looking for the best smart home devices compatible with Apple HomeKit? Then we have you covered  with our favorite selections.

If you're an Apple fanatic, you've heard of HomeKit-friendly devices. But what makes these gadgets so special? The greatest benefit of Apple HomeKit is the unity it brings to your phone. Instead of having a colossal selection of smart home apps that operate individually, HomeKit brings each one together. This system lets you control all of your smart home gadgets from one place.

There are a plethora of HomeKit-compatible smart home gadgets on the market—from speakers to doorbells to TVs—which means there's also a range of price points. Because we want you to have ample choice, we provided a selection of gadgets for all budgets and needs. So you can kit your entire home out from top to bottom and use these gadgets every day. Indulge in hands-free commands with our top 10 devices to make your household more connected.

1. The Yobi Video Smart Doorbell B3 is like having another pair of eyes on your door, so you always know who’s there.

Feel safer indoors or when you leave your property unattended with the Yobi Video Smart Doorbell B3. It boasts a generous 180-degree angle and PIR sensors that detect motion. It’ll even send alerts to your phone when it suspects activity surrounding your home. Plus, with HomeKit compatibility, you can control this device when you’re not at home.

2. Schedule when your home’s blinds open and close with the RYSE SmartShades blind motorizing gadget. It’s a luxury accessory.

The RYSE SmartShades blind motorizing gadget is one of our favorite HomeKit-compatible smart home gadgets for convenience and luxury. Set your blinds to open during sunrise and close during sunset for the perfect lighting indoors. This home gadget is also compatible with Google Home, Apple HomeKit, and Amazon Alexa for easy voice control.

Ditch your front door key for a passcode with the Yale Assure touchscreen deadbolt. It’s super convenient and safe to use.

How many times have you forgotten your key or had to worry about keeping your key safe? With the Yale Assure touchscreen deadbolt, you can access your home using a passcode to prevent this stress. You can even share temporary codes with friends, family, and maintenance workers.