Dj Sbu bringing more fire to the "Mofaya" family.

Dj Sbu bringing more fire to the "Mofaya" family.

Lesego Komane

JOHANNESBURG - DJ, TV host, and serial entrepreneur Dj Sbu has expanded his MoFaya energy drinks brand by adding a new range of soft drinks.

The new soft drink range, said to be made to an exceptionally high standard, includes: Cola – Sash Mnyamane, Crème Soda – Nomalizo, Ginger Beer -iGemmer, Granadilla – Slay Queen, Grape – Tjovitjo, Iron Brew – Intsimbi, Lemon – Boss Zonke, Lemonade – Botsotso, Litchi – Akekhugogo, Orange – Mzekezeke, Coco Pine – Yellow Bone, and Raspberry – Isichomanis.

“The fun and evocative names reflect the heart of MoFaya, which is all about celebrating the untold African and South African culture that continues to shape how we celebrate ourselves, explained Siphiwe Shongwe, MoFaya co-founder.

"MoFaya is a platform we use to celebrate our ‘kasiginality’, and the names are a reflection of just that – those who know … know!”

The soft drinks will be sold through existing wholesale and retail channels nationwide. 

Shongwe expressed his gratitude to wholesalers and retailers who believed in the first black-owned beverage company in the country, “Your support and guidance are truly appreciated.”