Licence Disc Renewals To Be Blocked If e-Toll Owed

Licence Disc Renewals To Be Blocked If e-Toll Owed

Pu Yi

Vehicle licence disc renewals will be blocked if e-toll bills are unpaid. 

New warnings, from SANRAL (South African National Roads Agency SOC Ltd), began appearing on their website stating vehicle licence disc renewals will not be approved, if motorists owe their e-tolls, reported City Press.

This warning could be part of the AARTO (Administrative Adjudication of Road Traffic Offences) Act's new regulations to be implemented in 1 July 2021. These regulations are still to be concluded, but seemingly, they will have a negative impact on those who aren't paying e-tolls.

As the law currently stands, a fine of R500 is payable each time a driver passes an e-toll gantry and doesn't pay. Further, R100 is added for administrative fees.

Under AARTO, a demerit system and new penalties will come into effect, seeing motorists start out with a set number of points, losing them if they commit various traffic offences.

Regarding SANRAL's plan to block renewals of licence discs, OUTA (Organisation Undoing Tax Abuse), a civil activist group, said that the warning was fear mongering, stating that, if it were in effect, 80% of road users in the province would not be able to renew their vehicle licences, reported Business Tech.

On Twitter, the group posted, "Renewal of a vehicle licence can only be withheld with if an enforcement order for outstanding infringements (fines) has been issued against an owner/driver of a vehicle, and it hasn't been paid. Outstanding etoll fees is NOT an infringement (road traffic offence)."

SANRAL's spokesperson reportedly confirmed the warnings were true, but could not say whether the changes were in effect.