WATCH: Kamo Mphela Choreographs For Spotify

WATCH: Kamo Mphela Choreographs For Spotify

Pu Yi

From dancing for social media to chereographing for the world's #1 stremaing platform, Kamo Mphela keeps shinning.

Dancing is engraved in Kamo Mphela's DNA, oa bona. Her body swirls to the beat like a puppet commanded by a puppeteer. Not even once does she miss a beat.

She gained attention through viral social media videos. Each one would show her dancing to an amapiano track, whether at a party or on the streets alongside Killer Kau (another dancing sensation) or alone. People would share them, making her trend and she'd attain followers.   

The 21 year old star born in Soweto, has been pushing, with current followers being 931 000 on Instagram, about 253 000 on Twitter, 221 000 on Facebook and close to 84 000 subscribers on YouTube. 

At a young age, Kamo Mphela got a chance to dance on stage with Mzekezeke, back when her father worked at YFM. She recalled on one of her interviews,"I performed with Mzekezeke, was feeling like the coolest thing ever. Coolest in Africa." 

Kamo, who's a singer, actor and choreographer, has done songs with Major League DJZ and Busiswa, and more. Her rise is getting more and more attention.

In July 2021, she is booked to rock the UK with Leehleza. Brands like Telkom, Nike, Unilever and Puma, have collaborated with her. Recently, Spotify, the leading music streaming platform, brought her in for their promo.

Spotify is promoting their 'African Heat' playlist which features artists from our beautiful continent. Dancers from Nigeria, Ghana, England, USA and South Africa appear moving and shaking to Kamo Mphela's slik choreography. 'Ke Star' by Focalistic is the soundtrack.