Reba on Cars: Mazda CX-3

We started off the year with the most adorable and capable small SUV, the Mazda CX-3.

  Rebaneilwe Semakane

Reba On Polo Vivo Mswenko

I had the honour of driving one of South Africa’s best-selling passenger cars, The Polo Vivo.

  Rebaneilwe Semakane

Reba on Cars

The all new BMW 2 Series GranCoupe was welcomed by Mzansi with raised eyebrows.

  Rebaneilwe Semakane

Reba on the new Suzuki S-Presso

The all new Suzuki S-Presso is the newest budget car offering from Suzuki. Priced from R145900, this makes it the cheapest car in South Africa, but is it worth it? To be frank, no.

  Rebaneilwe Semakane

Ford Ranger Raptor

Meet our resident petrolhead Rebaneilwe Semakane as she takes this beast for a spin.

  Rebaneilwe Semakane

Mercedes Benz AMG x Virgil Abloh

Venturing into the automobile industry is a smart move, now that Abloh's original following who grew up with Pyrex and Off-White are growing up. It’s not the car they want, but the idea of the car. It’s what Lamborghini smartly did with its partnership with Supreme, and Porsche with Aime Leon Dore. ⁠

L Lesego Komane

On the track

We attended the launch of the highly-anticipated third generation BMW X5M Comp and X6M Comp.

  Rebaneilwe Semakane