Reba on Cars

Reba on Cars

Rebaneilwe Semakane

The all new BMW 2 Series GranCoupe was welcomed by Mzansi with raised eyebrows.

Stemming from the look that did a total 180. It looks nothing like its predecessor and in fact, it looks a lot more matured and bigger. I had the 218i Gran Coupe on test that really struck me and I instantly fell in love with it.

The new 218i GC has a 1.5l 3-cylinder turbocharged petrol engine with 103kW/220Nm. The engine is very responsive and has a subtle exhaust note that you ca hear when you start the car. 0-100km/ph. in about 8 seconds but in this car, you will not be flat on the pedal. It has a calming aura and when you step into it, all you want to do is cruise and idle. I enjoyed the fuel efficiency in this car as a full tank gives you a range of 536km, which is decent for a premium car. The responsiveness of the engine is what attracted me to it and the agility of the car in traffic is absolutely perfect.

The exterior of the car is fully subjective, it is either you like it or you don’t. I personally like the front more than the rear. The boot space is incredible – it’s large and can fit many things such as luggage and groceries, without interrupting your rear view. The Harman Kardon sound system is as perfect as ever – its seamless, crisp, clear, loud enough and easy on your ears, even when the volume is at its max. It has adaptive headlights and LED’s so it is really well specc’d to a person’s liking. The interior features 7.0 BMW Operating System infotainment screen with Apple CarPlay, Android Auto and BMW iDrive, which is seamless and easy to use. This car competes with the CLA from Mercedes Benz and the Audi A3 and I think it is in a tight segment. If you are into aesthetics, the CLA is your best bet. The deciding factor with this car is the pricing, and the 218i GC starts from R515k, which isn’t really cheap.

In total I think the car is beautiful, spacious and can appeal to a different market. It comes under the 3 Series so this allows consumers to buy a practical BMW that is cheaper than its big sibling. I promise you, the 218i is a good engine and it will treat you right. It’s a simple car with alarming looks and as mentioned before, looks are really subjective.

All images by Nhlanhla Dlamini