Reba on Cars: Mazda CX-3

Reba on Cars: Mazda CX-3

Rebaneilwe Semakane

We started off the year with the most adorable and capable small SUV, the Mazda CX-3.

The one we had on test was the 2.0L Hikari spec, which is priced from R469700. In a nutshell, I think the car is quite capable, relatively fuel efficient and has enough tech to keep you and the kids entertained.

To start off, let’s get into the exterior. You get 18-inch wheels, LED headlights, front fog lights that are on the lower end of each side of the car, with the indicator lights sitting snuggly above them. The small shape of the car adds to itsaerodynamics- making the driving experience really enjoyable.


Inside, you’re met with so much tech! Heads up display, keyless entry, a sunroof, climate control, built-in navigation,Bluetooth connectivity and an infotainment system that is Apple CarPlay and Android Auto ready. The BOSE sound system is one for the books – witch crisp and clear sound resonating throughout the car.

The drive is actually really smooth and quiet, as the car is naturally aspirated so there is a little squeal when you get off the line but once you are in motion you will be cruising and enjoying this 2.0L motor. The power output is 115kW/206Nm, and honestly is decent. Claimed fuel consumption is 6.7l/100Km but I was touching 8.0L upwards, but that is because I have a heavy foot (I am working on this.)

Overall, I think the car is perfect for a small family and would make the best city car to take to the office, run errands and get groceries with. Mazda has improved their quality drastically and this car is bound to be a favourite, with its modern styling and lovely tech features.