Apple’s M1 chip makes the new MacBook Air shockingly fast and totally silent.

I keep a big, hardcover book next to my couch for when I want to edit photos in Lightroom with the computer on my lap. Without that tome to protect my legs, my laptop slowly roasts my thighs as if they’re salty, delicious slabs of meat at a South African shisanyama. Laptops get hot when you subject them to resource-intensive activities. That’s just a way of life—and why they generally need fans to stay cool. But when Apple announced its new MacBook Air last week, the company promised the new M1 chip would keep the whole machine cool even without a built-in fan to funnel hot air away from the delicate electronics.

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This is the new iPhone 12

After almost a year full of speculation, Apple finally launched the much-awaited iPhone 12 series. With the best 5G experience and exquisite features like Ceramic Shield and MagSafe, this is truly the best iPhone. And, to top it all off, there's also a LiDAR scanner and Dolby Vision HDR that achieves the highest-quality video on a smartphone.

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Facebook To Clamp Down On DJ Livestreaming From 1 October

As if it hasn’t been bad enough trying to keep DJ livestreams, well, live, on Facebook, it looks like it is about to get much, much worse. Because as of 1 October, Facebook is introducing sweeping new rules that are more aggressive than ever towards DJ livestreaming.

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BlackBerry is making a big comeback

BlackBerry brand is coming back to the smartphone market once again. The revival is, however, courtesy a Texas startup named OnwardMobility that has experience in building security solutions for government and enterprise customers. The new BlackBerry phone will be a 5G device - featuring a physical keyboard and include a list of enterprise-focused security features. The new development comes a little over six months after previous BlackBerry brand licensee TCL Communication announced that it would cease the sales of BlackBerry-branded devices starting August 31.

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New iPhone 12 leaks

To start things off, some leaks showed thinner bezels around the iPhone 12 screen. Final prototypes are going to be available this month — that’s when we will find the final details of whether this is true or not.

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Samsung Unpacked 2020—Galaxy Note20, Galaxy Z Fold2 5G, Galaxy Watch3, and more

Even after the last-minute video leaks by Evan Blass, we've got to agree that Samsung's been amazing with their tech announcements like every year. The Galaxy Unpacked has kept us wanting more every minute and we did get to see quite some great releases this year. If you missed out on the live stream and can do with a quick recap, this blog highlights all the cool tech that was announced right here.

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Trump Announces He’s Banning TikTok Today via Executive Order

Last night, Donald Trump communicated quite explicitly to reporters that he plans on signing an executive order today to officially ban the popular social media app TikTok from operating in the United States. “I will sign the document tomorrow,” the President stated, also adding that the ban could take effect “essentially immediately.” The Trump administration has been threatening this move as early as July 7th, arguing that the Chinese data-farming app presents a greater security threat to the US.

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Apple WWDC

Apple’s WWDC 2020 just took place and it was unique before it even began.

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Twitter to roll out Voice Note Feature!

There's still no editing option - but at least you can yell as loud as you want online with the new voice recording feature on Twitter. This will be interesting to see especially for black twitter which is SA's most vibrant Twitter community.

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It's here. Playstation 5 is finally here

When it comes to video games, PlayStation is one of the most iconic consoles. Since 2013, we have been happily crushing our enemies on the PS4. Seven years and 108 million units later, they are ready for the next best thing. There is nothing better than a PS5 reveal event to whet our appetites and make us hungry for games.

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Dr Duda with the Tunes

First episode of In Class with Dr Duda. Be sure to tune in every week for a new episode. This is a producer's special.

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Facebook strikes again

Facebook is coming for everything, actually if we're being honest Zuck is monopolizing social media and it's worrying when one corporation is in charge of an entire industry.

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Another boy for Elon Mask.

Meet "X Æ A-12" and please dont ask us what it means because nobody knows what it means but it's provocative.

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Apple adds toggle to enable Face ID When wearing mask

With the coronavirus, also known as COVID-19, forcing people to don face masks whenever they leave their homes, people started to question the viability of Apple's Face ID feature. Why? Because their faces weren't being recognized by any Face ID-enabled iPhones. This includes the iPhone X, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XR, and the latest iPhone 11 series. Because of the masks covering up half their faces, people struggled to unlock their own phones, which made it a real hassle when out and about.

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Music that massages your brain. Welcome to 8D Technology.

Everything is evolving, new tech, new inventions, 5G this 5G that - it almost seems like we're living in a movie these days and we don't know what to expect next. Talks of the future never leave our mouths or the TL, so we decided to throw in something we know for sure will intrigue you that will form part of your life in future.

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