Galaxy Fold 2 rumors, leaks and speculation

Galaxy Fold 2 rumors, leaks and speculation

Lesego Komane

Will the Galaxy Fold 2 get a Z in its name? Could it be waterproof and get rid of the first model's biggest screen eyesore? Rumors say yes.

Nothing is official yet, but at this point in the rumor cycle, it would be more shocking if Samsung didn't unveil the Galaxy Fold 2 -- or is it the Galaxy Z Fold 2? -- on Aug. 5 at its online Unpacked event than if it did. It's also expected that Samsung will reveal two new Notes, including the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, plus a confirmed 5G version of the Galaxy Z Flip and the Galaxy Watch 3, among its headlining products. And now we have a compelling leak that suggests a new color for the anticipated Fold 2.

While most of what we "know" about the Galaxy Fold 2 is unconfirmed, Samsung has made at least one thing clear. The world's largest phone brand is introducing its next two foldable phones, the third and fourth after the original Galaxy Fold and Galaxy Z Flip. The company made a statement about the next Galaxy Fold in April, in the same breath it said that another Galaxy Note (presumed to be called the Galaxy Note 20) is also in the lineup. The $1,450 Galaxy Z Flip 5G was later confirmed in July. 

These revelations aren't terribly surprising, but it's noteworthy that Samsung could release two phones during a global recession caused by the coronavirus pandemic. Global device shipments are expected to dip by 14% in 2020 as a result of the downturn.

Perhaps Samsung is counting on the hype machine -- and a possible second stimulus check for the US -- to stoke interest in the speculated Galaxy Fold 2? We'll find out soon enough.