Fang Darhythm

Fang Darhythm

Lesego Komane

Life just started - 2020 sees Fang pressing pause, taking time to reflect, and refocusing.

Fang sees an opportunity to cue new pathways, as he sets out to transverse uncharted terrains. Fang intends to immerse himself into novel creative exploits, devoting time on the production of his solo album with the intention of expressing a tapestry of Fang Darhythm inspired sounds.

A Boston Media House alumni with a passion for music, a love for radio and a flair for sound engineering, Hlalefang Nomganga, popularly known as “Fang Darhythm” is a pioneer in bringing audio pleasure to his audiences offering a distinctive blend of soul-infused afro house beats.

Held in high esteem within the entertainment industry, Fang Darhythm has created his trademark as a House music DJ and Producer with experience now spanning over 15 years. His musical journey has brought forth soul-pleasing collaborations crafting timeless classic records with international house luminaries including Louie Vega, Portia Monique and Brutha Basil.

Fang makes up one half of the renowned soulful and afro house music duo, The Rhythm Sessions – which celebrates 10 years of home-grown house, garnering an affinity with
worldly music aficionados while amassing a significant following in the local music arena. The DJ outfit by Fang has been at the forefront of providing pulsating dance grooves, rocking inspiring live sets at major festivals - all the while crafting rhythms for their debut 2017 album ‘Music is Love’ - following it up with an uplifting imprint ‘We Can Make It’ EP featuring NuTown Soul - released in the summer of 2019.

Through The Rhythm Sessions the duo has doubled up as radio-makers, where Fang has fulfilled a fruitful co-residency; producing, presenting and sharing live mixes on the duo’s radio show, ‘House of Love’ on Kaya FM 95.9 from 2018 to present day. Tune into the last few editions of The Rhythm Sessions radio show scheduled to air till the end of June 2020, as the duo sets their sights to explore their individual musical expressions.