Bhuti Madlisa is on top of the game.

Bhuti Madlisa is on top of the game.

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Who would have thought that it would take a pandemic and Mampintsha dropping his debut album for Gqom music to make a comeback. That's some legendary stuff right there!

Well hats off for Mampintsha for pulling this one off and congratulations to West Inc for a successful project. 

Mampintsha's debut album as a solo artist is one of the most played album of 2020, so far, which is quite a shocker considering how South Africans have confirmed that "they've moved on from Gqom music" which is a dark and gothic sound. 

We've been seeing so much conversation around music in SA, especially during lockdown. Everyone is free and has extra time to give people a piece of their mind and sometimes a little more than just piece (yes some say too much and it ends up in name calling and even worse). 

But whether you love Hip Hop, AmaPiano, Gqom, House, Afro Pop or whatever your preference is, bottom line is that music is music and we can never think what we listen to is better than what the other person listens to or enjoys. 

Each one can build and grow their own. There's enough for everyone and that's the beauty of life, people are diverse and so are artists. Well done Mampintsha on a great project and congratulations on making such a huge comeback. Bhuti Madlisa Out in stores!