Rox Paperz Scissors

Rox Paperz Scissors

Lesego Komane

A new breed of highly charged up female DJs are challenging the status quo in the industry.

Men have long dominated South Africa's DJ scene but this new wave of female DJs are attracting legions of fans and changing perceptions . Among them is  Rox Paperz Scissors who hails from Durban but is currently spinning in Johannesburg.

Listen to this old school hip and R&B mix  she delivers with sass and class. 

Read more about Rox Paperz Scissors below. You can follow her journey on  Instagram at @RoxPaperzScissors

Growing up a part of two very different cultural backgrounds Roxpaperzscissors got exposed to such a vast variety of music  as a toddler, growing up amongst “hip” parents with a great ear for music but in binary opposite genres. This fine tuned her deep passion for music.

Her influences come from the music she grew up listening to in the 90s and that is quite telling in the sets she creates. Believing that there is so much good music in the world ... she strives to create a mood and take you back, while putting you onto something new that you’d never hear. 

Roxpaperzscissors’ love for music has evolved in different forms over the years. From owning one of the biggest dance crews in Durban, that gave birth to many talents today such as, TDK macassette, Wobbly, Dream Team, Zulu Makhathini.  Djing has become a new way to continue her passion for mining and uniting people through music.

Her influences over the years have been from rock, early 20th century jazz; blues and swing, kwaito, 90s rnb, boom bap rap, hip hop and quite recently trap. Every set is a nostalgic blend of feel good throwbacks and a glimpse of what’s hot right now that you may have overlooked on the hottest current album. 

She’s everything you know and love but in a way you’ve never heard before.