Snacking with The Pretty Chef

Snacking with The Pretty Chef

Siphelele Shezi

The Pretty Chef is social media famous Chef , her real name is Pearl. Pearl is known for creating memories with food. In African Society unity  and laughter comes better with food. The Pretty Chef shared a snack with Geego.


Ox liver cut into cubes
BBQ spice
Red, yellow and Green pepper cut into cubes
Onion cut in cubes
3 tablespoons oil
BBQ marinade
Kebab Sticks
Put the sticks in water, this will avoid them from burning. Soak them for at least 30 minutes.
Mix the ox liver with the BBQ spice, then start assembling your liver, start with liver, then pepper, then onion and liver again, carry on just like that until you reach the top, then start on the other stick.
Once done, bush with oil and braai, this will cook very quickly, so 5 minutes each side will do, while braaing brush with some BBQ or peri peri marinade.
Once cooked, put aside to rest. And serve.

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