GeeGo meets Naledi Art

GeeGo meets Naledi Art

Siphelele Shezi

Naledi Art specialises in custom art whether it be portraits, home decor, custom furniture paintings, branding graphics and art. We also offer photography experience services which include location sourcing, photography hire, equipment hire, styling, make-up artist hire, logistics and product marketing hence organizing every aspect of your photoshoot or photography needs.

Who is Naledi Art

My name is Naledi Zondi born and raised in Durban. I am a 24 year old DUT Retail Business Management graduate. I started my company in 2019 after graduating. As a Self-taught artist I always work to gain knowledge and develop my skills. I work to enlighten our black community about art education especially parents that still view the Arts as Unconventional careers. Knowledge is emparted that Art can be a useful qualification, lucrative plus feasible business and extensive career.

I aim to help other artists break into the industry and create better channels towards succeeding in the industry. It would benefit many upcoming artists if galleries and public art spaces are occasionally opened to upcoming artists to sell and exhibit their art. I would love to host art promotional events, public art lessons and facilitate art exhibitions. I would need sponsorship of resources such as spaces to exhibit like that of galleries and exhibition centers to host artists.