Ah Junk Park!

Ah Junk Park!


With its famous tag line, ‘’AH JUNK PARK’’,  few people really know the origins of this slogan.

It seems like most South Africans have been singing the catching song, ’Zlele' by Jazzidiciples feat Mr Jazziq, Reece Mandlisa and Zuma. 

Junk Park is the hotspot for all junk food lovers. The restaurant is known not just for the authentic food it serves but also for its tasty ‘Volcano Fries’.  So when I visited this popular restaurant in the heart of Sandton I understood why every two minutes I would be singing , ‘’ AH JUNK PARK’’ . 

Starting from the Garden of Eden to the Big Boy Combo, everything just touched more than my taste buds. Although the restaurant just opened recently , the menu is limited, however I recommend all new comers to try the mass wings , which entails 15 succulent juicy wings which comes with onion rings and delicious crunchy fries .

Not only does this restaurant make one the the greatest burgers, but an interesting fact is that one of the owners is actually the same producer of the most trending amapiano song 'Zlele'.  I was quite surprised that Mr JazziQ is one of the masterminds behind this restaurant. 

So if you need a quick bite and you are in the northern area of Johannesburg Sandton , then I recommend you to go to Junk Park. Who knows ? You might come back singing ‘’AH JUNK PARK’’

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