5 Questions with NoChillGod

5 Questions with NoChillGod


Theres no doubt that 2020 hasn’t been the greatest year for everyone, from the global pandemic, polo crashes, the lotus outbreak and more, however that isn’t stopping NoChillGod.

Ndivhumo Muhanelwa is a 27 year old from Venda that is known for his hilarious content. The social media influencer mergers videos of himself and there well known international artist such as Kelani , Cardi B, Ronaldo, Nicki Minaj and more. I got to ask him 5 questions to find out about him.

What was the inspiration behind creating content like this?

Smartphone , was very curious to find out why they call them smartphones , so I did my research and taught myself more about using my smartphone to create the content people need. So I got inspired by curiosity.

 Would you consider youself famous and what challenges have you encountered during your rise to fame?

I honestly don’t think I’m at the point in fame , so far I can handle anything , things are still okay but I’m ready because I prepared myself through studies. Anything that can be a challenge to me , I’ll definitely handle it but so far I haven’t experienced any challenges.

Seeing that you from Venda do you think that you’ve given others a platform to be seen ?

Yeah , I think a lot of venda now will see that there’s potential of growth and showcasing what you enjoy doing in the Internet through content creation. And this applies to any culture not just Venda’s

 Where do you see NoChill in the next 5 years ?

Global, international, NOCHILL will be the best thing happening in the Internet, so we have influencers signed under NOCHILL , artist management, content creator management and Mentorship programs to help others grow on social media and this will come in the form of our upcoming app , which will serve the purpose of edutainment. We educate and also entertain.

What advice would you give to those that want to be the creative influential industry?

Consistency is the key , however giving value through content creation is the best thing one can do in this industry. So people should think about what value to give to the audience

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Instagram - @nochill_god

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Email- info@nochill.co.za