Reba on the new Mazda 3

Reba on the new Mazda 3

Rebaneilwe Semakane

The 7th generation Mazda 3 is quite the looker both inside and out.

The new styling makes it incredibly sexy, with the raised C-pillars and a semi sloping roofline. The one I had on test was in a polymetallic grey colour, which to me looks like a clayish blue.

The Mazda is powered by a 1.5l 88kW/153Nm engine that feels incredibly slow and underpowered. The naturally aspirated engine feels as though it is struggling to move the car as promptly as possible. Gear changes are smooth, the 6 speed was a good idea but once you are on the accelerator it just does not budge. It takes time to gain power and that for me is completely disappointing.

To make up for this is the extremely premium interior, with functionality buttons on the steering, a plush red leather interior, quality plastics by the swivel knob and electric seats. I loved being inside the car and the BOSE sound system is crisp and clear, jamming my house music was such a marvel. The comfort of the seats is just out of this world.

Mazda has been a favourite in this country and their cars seem to be loved by the masses, but the only thing that lets them down is their engines. A turbo would be nice just to give the engine a little more kick so it can get going and feel faster on the highway.

The pricing starts at R359 900