Lelwar Smith

Lelwar Smith

Siphelele Shezi

You went viral quick, How did it feel watching your videos go viral right in front of your eyes? 

It was a dream come true. I was so shocked and for a minute I thought I was dreaming. I mean I’ve been doing this for years but not getting any recognition. So when it finally happened I was really happy but scared at the same time. Lol cos when you popular people expect a lot from you sooo I think that scared me a little but nonetheless I’m happy that my work is getting recognition 

We know that for you, everything started and was groomed in the Eastern Cape, was there ever a time you ever thought about moving elsewhere? And why?

Yes I’ve thought about relocating. I love EC, it’s my home but most of the things I do are in jhb so I end up spending more money on travelling. I also feel like here in EC we don’t really recognize influencers, so for me there’s no growth at all.

You're known to many as a Youtuber, Vlogger and Influencer, has this always been your dream as a child and when did you know it was time to take that path?

Never dreamt of it. I always thought YouTube and Instagram  is for celebrities lol. Well I started this journey as just something to kill boredom if I can put it that way .  My daughter was a month old. I was unemployed and bored at home. So everytime she naps I’d create videos and post them up not expecting any reaction or engagement cos I didn’t really care much about YouTube’s, Instagram and tik tok. Then suddenly one of my videos was played on mtv base under influencer caragories. I think that’s when I labeled my self as an influencer and I took my craft seriously. 

You have broken boundaries and continue to do that, what keeps you motivated to go even harder and stay consistant?

My social media family . I have young and old women looking up to me. The love and support I get from my online family keeps me moving. I wake up every day knowing that there’s someone out there waiting for me to post something to make their day. I’m really grateful for that .

 Seeing how far you've come, you've become a formidable charactor in society especially for young women, who did you often look to gain inspiration from while you were starting and who do you look to for inspiration now that youve grown? And why?

Everytime I’m asked this question I think of my late gran. I’m a strong focused woman today because of imfundiso zakhe. 

Mihlali N. I visit her page every day. 
She’s good at what she does. She’s young beautiful and talented. She made me see life differently. She pushes me to work harder and be the person that I want to be. 

Lizza Koshy she made me fall in love with doing tik tok skits. I was doing tik tok for fun but watching her grow on tik tok and YouTube just changed the game. It’s really amazing to watch someone grow on social media and I’ve watched both these young ladies grow rapidly on social media. They inspire me .

How would you create a safer and much larger platform in the entertainment industry for more women to take up space and do well?

"Women empowerment is very important & deer to my heart, i personally would start an all strictly female Casting Agency where we solely focus on grooming, training, doing workshops and building women to take up space as we know this industry is male dominated.. we need such establishments where women are not enforced to do uncomfortable things in return to land roles in the media/entertainment industry! There is more to the industry than glits & glamour.. Brand & personal profiles should be taken into consideration for one to be taken seriously in the industry! So all of these would be what i would be focusing on to make females safer, comfortable and confident to take up space."

 What do you think your purpose is on this earth ?

WOW if you asked me this question years ago. I’m sure my answer was gonna be “I don’t know” 

But now I think I do know ,I think my purpose is to empower women. I’m here to heal and give hope to those that gave up on themselves. I’m here to lift peoples sprits. I’m here to motivate young girls, those that grew up thinking that since they come from poor back grown  they don’t matter and they will never make it in life. I’m here to pass the message to them that you can make it and be the person that you want to be. 

When you are not out there changing the world, what does Aiyana like doing in her spare time?

Lol I create content 🥴. I’m a mom so most of the time I’m with my daughter, creating videos, spending time with friends and drafting YouTube content.

The term and definition of "Philanthropy" seems to change and be redefined all the time, what is Philanthropy to you?

For me it still means the same. It’s the love of humanity. Sharing what you have with other people, to make life better for other people is very important to me. The only thing I think has changed about it. People nowadays they do all this for fame and self promoting.

5 things you can not live without?

1 .My daughter lol she’s always with me so I get really annoyed when she’s on holiday 
2 . My phone I mean it’s my office so how will I make money if I don’t have my phone with me. 
3. Money we all need money to make things happen 
4. My underground gang 
Thandaza, phahla and watch your life bloom. 
5. My Digital Camera, It’s part of my work so everywhere I go I carry my camera