GEEGO Chats with another Rising Star from Durban.

GEEGO Chats with another Rising Star from Durban.

Siphelele Shezi

Xolisa Dlamini is a soulful woman whose purpose is to influence people's lives through music. This is done through singing and training prospective musicians. She is a wife, a mother of 3, 2 girls and 1 boy. Xolisa Dlamini she is also an another upcoming symbolical musician from Universal Music Group South Africa.

What does being an African mean to you this Africa month?
Being an African means I was created and placed in a diverse and creative space where music grows naturally. It is in every space, picture and landscape. It means I am a citizen of the world because where I go my looks and sound is appreciated.

What drew you to the music industry?
 What drew me to the music industry is my calling.

Who are you inspired by?
My biggest inspiration is my mom. Born by a musician therefore I was surrounded by music from vocal to recorded. She used to buy LPs for each us, therefore music was our afternoon playtime daily.

Please explain your creative process

 A song comes to me in different forms. Sometimes it happens that I hear the complete song in my sleep and I will wake up and record the melody. Usually I would sing that song record it instantly. Sometimes its influenced by a chord progression and a melody will come through and develop to a song. Sometimes I would just hear a melody out of the blue and develop it to a song when I meet a pianist. Sometimes through a concept I want to achieve and I will channel my thoughts according to the concept I want to achieve e.g. If I want a happy song I would play chords that will bring about a happy song and it will develop to a song. Basically it comes in many different forms.

What’s an average day like for you?

 Apart from doing music I really enjoy relaxing at my house, watching my favourite movies, gym, walk by the sea, shopping and going to my favourite restaurants.

Is there a hidden meaning in any of your music?
Yes there is a hidden meaning e.g. Inciniba on my 1st album "Times", Vuma on my 2nd album " Afro blue" and Fire Born on my 3rd album "Fire Born". Fire Born makes one aware that the unseen world of creativity does exist. Its a petition for the spiritual break through for  the creatives to receive, access and have ability to express what they have received from the Creator.

 Do you collaborate with others? What is that process?
Yes I do collaborate with other creatives and we follow necessary procedures for that.

Please discuss how you interact with and respond to fans

 When it come to interacting with fans, I give each person love and attention that each needs and it varies from person to person.

What is your favorite part about this line of work? Your least favorite? Why?
My favourite part about this line of work is the freedom of being myself, travelling around the world, meeting different people from different places and experiencing different cultures. 

Have you ever dealt with performance anxiety?
Yes I have dealt with performance anxiety numerous times however I have a way of dealing with it.

Tell me about your favorite performance venues

My favourite performance venues are Opera Theatre @ the Playhouse( State of Art), Soweto Theatre( Where I performed  with Zakes Bantwini, Mondli Ngcobo and Black Coffee), Sipho Gumede Hall @ the Bat Centre( It carries so much weight and so many legends have performed on the very same stage).

What advice would you have for someone wanting to follow in your footsteps?
 To someone who wants to follow in my footsteps I would say "Tell your story the best way you know how/ uncompromisingly/ leaving no stone unturned/ Be yourself, put your soul in whatever you do".

According to your own understanding, what can be done to improve African music ?

 In order to improve African music, expose students to music in an intentional manner. Including African genres/ instruments, at primary school level and hosting workshops at symposiums community level.

If you were given an opportunity to collaborate with a South African Musician who will be and why ?

Given an opportunity to collaborate with an S. A musician it would be 1. Ringo Madlingozi for his vocal ability and stage presentation, 2. Tobejan- Guru- a percussionist who excels in his work. 3. Black Coffee, he is very strategic and immensely gifted. 4. Sibongile Khumalo, she is complete. 5. Mondli Ngcobo, he has a good ear and ability to take a song to another level.

What can our South African government implement in terms of dealing with GBV? 

 My advice to the South African Government in dealing with GBV is to give a boy child equal attention.

What must we expect from Xolisa Dlamini in 2020 and 2021 and how are you going to make sure that you stay relevant?
 What you should expect from Xolisa Dlamini in 2020 is visibility, influence, infiltrate and availability of my music.