Daft Punk Album Sales Soar By 2,650%

Daft Punk Album Sales Soar By 2,650%

Pu Yi

Daft Punk, France's iconic electronic music duo, who left the world shocked with their split, has been milking it in record sales since breaking-up. 

Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo, French friends forming Daft Punk, makers of global hits like 'Get Lucky', 'Around The World' and 'One More Time', called it quits after 28 years being in the music business. This announcement surprised the world music community.  

Mr. V, of Sole Channel Music and a deep house legend in his own right, said this about the news, "THANK YOU for inspiring MILLIONS and taking chances and evolving with the times and still maintaining and doing what you love."

Defected Records reacted, saying, "Daft Punk. Game Changers. Legends. 1993 - 2021."

Since their break-up, Rolling Stone's analytic provider, Alpha Data, reported streams for Daft Punk's catalog soared by 500%, song sales are up by 1,335% and digital album sales up by 2,650% . Discogs declared 'Random Access Memories', one of their loved releases, best selling dance music album of the decade on vinyl.       

Vinyl collectors who are fans will be pleased to know Daft Punk's 'Homework' and 'Alive 1997' LPs have been repressed. These two featured big singles, including 'Da Funk', 'Revolution 909' and 'Alive 1997'. 

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