Create Exciting Memories At Rooftop BBQ Maboneng

Create Exciting Memories At Rooftop BBQ Maboneng

Leletu Leeu

Rooftop BBQ Maboneng, I yes you. 

Maboneng has become a party district in Joburg, my goodtime spot is Rooftop BBQ Maboneng. After 3 flights of stairs and out breath, I made it to the top of the building where I received a warm welcome by their hostess.

The decor is kept simple throughout the space as you move towards the dance floor. They have high rise steel chairs with equally high tables with a clean wooden finish and an ashtray placed in the middle, looking a bit out of place however it is necessary. 

The DJ booth is splendid, giving an outdoor spring feel to the place with champagne bottles draped around them, when you look towards the DJ, you know you're in an amazing space.

The outside area really needs more umbrellas because South Africa's sun can be very unforgiving. However, the simple placement of tables and chairs makes it pleasant as it does not cluster the space and gives enough room to have a great view of JHB. 

With the lovely aroma from the kitchen, you smell the steak and wings being fired up in there. I ordered chilli sausages with fries , I deliberately asked for fresh chilli to come with sauces. The portion was decent, fries were fresh and well-seasoned. 

Oh my goodness, the music! Deephouse was the order of the afternoon, people could chill and eat while the first 3 DJs eased everyone, subliminally preparing the party people for the mayhem to come. When the sun went down the place was ignited by the amapiano genre. I must say the DJs did not hold back at all.  

My Rooftop BBQ Maboneng experience was great, I’ve been there before on numerous occasions and every one of it was filled with good music , food & drinks. This evening did not disappoint.

First night out with your bae? This is where you go and create exciting memories. Rooftop BBQ Maboneng, I yes you.