Black Coffee Brought The House Down At Altitude Beach

Black Coffee Brought The House Down At Altitude Beach

Leletu Leeu

Black Coffee brought the house down!  

I decided to visit the elite establishment called Altitude Beach, in Fourways, for Black Coffee’s birthday celebration. In the North you would expect plush, sophisticated seating, but my general access only got me a steel chair (not the most comfortable) and table, nothing special.

The bar's lighting was quite classy, the surrounding and overall place was very pleasing to the eye, particularly the poolside, it made you feel like you are in the North.

The hunger games began, checked out their menu online, which was outdated, and I ordered a sushi platter called 'The one & only'- however there was this one meaty platter that was doing the rounds, looks like it's their most famous dish, 'The Villa Carnivore' it was a hit! My order took way too long to arrive, but it was well presented and tasted exactly how fresh sushi should, 10/10 for that.

My drinks arrived within the first 10 minutes of ordering, very pleasing, totally would give S'bu (waitress) props for the service. 

I arrived at 2PM to ensure I get the full musical experience and build up for the legend himself, Black Coffee. It was deep house for a couple of hours, then boom, amapiano while the sun is still up. I mean, people are still trying to enjoy their lunch, how am I supposed to dance with a mouthful of sushi at 4pm?

Hip hop was okay, then it was amapiano again, you would have sworn someone pressed repeat. The tall wonder, Black Coffee, needs no introduction, the traffic in front of the stage gave it away. He delivered as expected with an amazing drummer for the performance, every time the beat dropped it was lights, smoke, confetti and the crowd was going crazy.

He pumped afro tech while the drummer was going ballistic complimenting every song and there were touches of old schoolhouse remixes. He brought the house down and I can safely say that was a birthday celebration and a half.