Loyiso Gola's 'Unlearning' Now Streaming On Netflix

Loyiso Gola's 'Unlearning' Now Streaming On Netflix

Pu Yi

'Unlearning' by comic Loyiso Gola debuts on Netflix and it trends on Twitter.  

South African comedian, Loyiso Gola, made history as the first African to have a full solo hour stand-up comedy on Netflix with Unlearning. The show created six years ago debuted Tuesday, 23 March 2021. Race, identity and politics are some themes he covers.

Talkng to UK's The Guardian, Loyiso said, "It is meaningful, but for me, I never really pegged myself as an African act. I just always thought of myself as a global act," commenting on the history his show has made. 

In 2019 we saw him score his first Netflix gig, 'Comedians of The World', sharing the stage with Mzansi's comedians Loyiso Madinga, Riaad Moosa and Tumi Morake. 

He chose the title Unlearning to convey the message that everyone should examine what they know and what they’ve learned over time. "Rather than accepting the norm, we could question and evaluate what we are taught,” Loyiso Gola told Oxogena News.  

The special premiered at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2017 and has since played at the MICF, London’s Soho Theatre, Grahamstown, and New York’s Soho Playhouse. Loyiso then brought it to his hometown, Cape Town, where it was shot in front of a live audience at the Zeitz Mocaa, adhering to strict COVID-19 protocols.

Twitter reacted nicely to it, below are a few posts:
"You need a certain level of intellect to understand Loyiso Gola's jokes," posted @ArthurMaisela.

@lungaxhamela tweeted, "Watching Loyiso Gola: Unlearning on Netflix and I'm dyiiiiing!"

"I absolutely love storytellers when I am watching stand-up comedy. I love beautiful anecdotes. I love stories that link. Dave Chappelle does this so well. I really enjoyed Loyiso Gola's Netflix show," commented @MaBlerh.

You can stream Loyiso Gola's 'Unlearning' on Netflix, click here.