One on One with Mpho Pink

One on One with Mpho Pink

Siphelele Shezi

 candid conversation with social media influencer Mpho and her success on Tik Tok.

Who is Mpho ? 
Mpho  is  a social media influencer and also a  BA in Geography and Archaelogy graduates at Wits University.  I love entertaining people. I spend most of my time on my phone either watching tiktok videos or socializing with people  I am friendly and loving .I aim to be an influencer of a positive change who’s goal is to influence people to implement than to just talk. 

Do you think TikTok will ever replace Instagram as a marketing platform? 

I believe that every platform has its own thing. Tiktok deals with video based creation whereas Instagram do both; videos and still photos. Tiktok will never replace Instagram and so is Instagram to tiktok. Brands are jumping on tiktok for marketing and still embracing Instagram because it has some qualities that Tiktok doesn’t have  like still-photo option with a bigger caption size -even though Instagram have tried to copy Tiktok by introducing reels, I would say they saw a competition and wanted to embrace it and not realizing that they were better even before reels. 

What the secret of growing TikTok ? 
1. follow the trends that happens on the app. These are found on user’s discovery page. 
2. The use of hashtags. Only relevant hashtags
3. Using of trending sounds. 
4. Collaboration with other influencers. 
5. And lastly knowing what works for you and your brand and stick to that . This is what we call a niche.

What is your life like without TikTok ? 
I am a Wits post-graduate. Without tiktok, I am an unemployed youth of South Africa who is trying to make her way into the employment industry .

Have you ever consider your self as YouTuber ? 
I have at some point. I even have a channel but I am not active because I realized that I cannot keep up with the consistency that the app requires. 

What are the challenges on social media that you face daily ? 
I have experienced bullying but I overcame that in a way that I hate comment doesn’t bother me anymore. I just smile and pass.I have also experienced loosing followers. This was because I change the type of content people were following me for but I had to learn to always accommodate all my followers with the types of contents I produce.

We are living in a world where young people below age of 18 years have access to cellphones , what do you think our judiciary system must do to ensure kids does not get an access to content that is sensitive for their age ? 
I think this is beyond the judiciary system because people still lie about their age on social media platforms. Parents should take initiatives to ensure that their kids are consuming content that are for their age group by restricting anything beyond the children’s age 
 Another take can be that people provide with their identification documents to ensure that they are older to be in those sites because people people lie about their age just to get access to some information or be part of some apps. 


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Would ever advice someone to be a TikToker and what are the challenges ? 
 I would . Tiktok is a great platform to grow your brand and confidence too. Many people found it as a very therapeutic app which helped them overcome depression and anxieties.The challenges involves having to deal with hate comments, low views and likes and also trying to find your niche. At the end of the day, those challenges can be overcame. For example, tiktok has set a security option where you can either filter hate comments or just block the people. One can also delete the comment .

What is a tiktoker on a daily routine ?
Tiktoker is someone who gets inspired to create by absolutely anything around them. Making tiktok means preparing your ring light or tripod, finding a perfect position/ a perfect light, finding a sound that matches your idea and creating.