Rockets Bryanston's Top Notch Service

Rockets Bryanston's Top Notch Service

Leletu Leeu

Rockets is an unique experience. 

In the heart of Sandton, Rockets is an elegant 3 floor building in Horbart center. Beautifully designed, perfect lighting, even though no pictures are allowed after lunch time

The first floor is the restaurant and the 2 top floors accommodate strictly premium bottle service, however if you are not doing the bottle service you can still linger around the bar which is managed to a T! No traffic whatsoever, you'll get drinks within 5 minutes of arrival and the barmen literally serve you as if they are waiters, definitely pleasing to see.

To access the menu, you need to scan a barcode using your phone's camera and it downloads directly to it. So much admin, but it's a contactless option to keep us safe from the Covid-19 virus. Protocols were followed, temperature scanned and all the works. 

Bar service again, what excellent service. Guys, the guy who served me left the  bar to check on me regularly. He found me a seat in a warmer spot as the weather started changing, I couldn't believe it, service was a solid 10!

The restaurant serves food until 9:45 pm, which is a decent time for you to have eaten enabling you to enjoy the rest of the place. The rooftop (3rd floor) boasts a magnificent cocktail bar vibe, you can literally see that bottles are definitely a must up there, I missed the sunset but I'm sure its probably a great sight to see as you see the entire Sandton up there. 

The sound is definitely great, the DJ booth is on the 2nd floor which accommodates the entire establishment. The lapa/outdoor area did not have that much sound that's where I was chilling until it got cold, I'm assuming the speakers there were for deco purposes. 

The overall sound was proper even though  bass was needed to compliment the music. Thuli P rocked a nice amapiano set that was medley at first and it picked up from track to track. The crowd was pumping preparing for the main act (Boity), that's what I thought. She was not performing, but was there to grace us with her presence.

As previously mentioned, their service is quick and efficient. I ordered their long island tea and Ribster pizza. The cocktail, I had no complaints, neither did I have any with the Pizza, food was awesome. 

Overall the food, decor, drinks and location is perfect. Ladies the bathrooms have mirrors and perfect lighting too so you can touch up your make up.  Besides the "bottle service" thing, Rockets is a place I would frequent.