We Review The Vibrant Amari Lush MCC

We Review The Vibrant Amari Lush MCC

Leletu Leeu

Last week two friends and I gathered for a lovely dinner paired with the Amari Lush MCC. MCC is short for Methode Cap Classique, a South African name for bottle-fermented sparkling wine, it's one of the most exciting wine categories currently growing at 15% per year.

"Amari" means strength, originating from the Western Africa Yoruba tribe. Amari Lush MCC comes in an elegant bold black bottle with "Amari Lush" in a gold font, it has a Nectar appearance until you taste the sparkling wine and its sweetness gives off a demi-sec flavour.

While pouring, I reminisced on the ocean's gushing sounds. Its texture is smooth and light on the palate, slightly crispy and sugary to perfection leaving no after taste whatsoever. To an eye, it possesses a golden apple and amber colour with peach and a honey aroma revealed by the nose. 

We prepared crispy chicken brined for over 24 hours served with a side of onion rings. Considering there's a lot of oil, salt, and fat in fried chicken, with abundant acidity, carbonated, and complementary flavours, sparkling wine effortlessly cuts through all of it, cleansing and refreshing your tongue with every bite.


In the pictures you would see that we used 3 different kinds of champagne glasses just to give you an idea of what kind of drinkware is suitable for sparkling wine. 

If you're looking to try a sparkling wine for the first time, we recommend Amari as it is easy on the palate, it allows you to navigate it's aromas, flavours and it tastes incredibly good, giving it an overall 5 stars.

To conclude this review, this drink is highly recommended by my dinner guests and I, it is perfect for summer days, brunches, champagne breakfasts and it would make perfect mimosas over a gathering of friends which is something Amari strongly believes in.

You can order the Amari Lush MCC here.