Win yourself a bottle of Boston's Gin

Win yourself a bottle of Boston's Gin

Pu Yi

GeeGo, in collaboration with Boston's London Dry Gin, is giving away a bottle daily.

For the next 7 days GeeGo will be giving away a bottle of delicious Boston's Dry Gin.

Before getting into our competition's details, let's know more about this exciting beverage.

We had a quick chat with Menzi Mcunu, a young entrepreneur and co-founder of Boston's London Dry Gin. Our meeting was at Picnic Coolin, a vibrant outdoor gig in Dube, Soweto. They had set-up a simple wooden stall with the gin's bottles placed in a row.

People were already lined-up enquiring and buying. Tshasa, a short, energetic barman with an Afro fade said, two cases had been sold. This was two hours within the event.

Picnic Coolin's DJ was merinading attendees with nostalgic jams like Lost Boyz' 'Me And My Crazy World' and Chingy's 'Pullin' Me Back'.  Buyers sang along, while Menzi served them the Boston's effect. 

Seeing that Menzi Mcunu, wearing shades, Tshepo Jeans' white 'We, The People' limited edition t-shirt and scotched pants, was hands-on, we had to steal him before things got hectic.

Leletu Leeu: What was the inspiration behind Boston's London Dry Gin?

Menzi Mcunu: We wanted to make gin for the people; gin that has a premium feel, a nice drinkable gin, but accessible to most South Africans. We wanted it to be the gin most people would drink, wherever they are. When you're with your friends and you're trying to have a plan, you know what's happening, you can just add Boston's gin and see what happens next.

Leletu: How long did this take to be a reality?

Menzi: We're six months old now. Eh, we started last year, because of Covid we had to stop our plans, but it has been in the pipelines for quite a while. We've been thinking about owning an alcohol brand.

Leletu: I like the bottle. I like the packaging, it's nice and compact.

Menzi: We wanted something that was a little bit simple, but premium. So, with the cork, with the bold 'B', you can't miss the "Boston's", it will be memorable whenever you see it.   

Leletu: What's your plan regarding marketing?

Menzi: So, we're doing all events, eh, right now. We wanted the brand to come across as cool and to have the best and coolest people drinking Boston's. Make people curious, asking "Where do we get this Boston's?" and "What's Boston's?" before we go to like your traditional Tops or Pick N Pay Liquor, or whatever. We wanted to be at all the cool events and all the underground stuff, everyone is drinking it, but no one knows how to get it. Creating a demand, getting people to tal about it.        

Leletu: What's its price?

Menzi: We're retailing it at R200. And, uhm, we're at most events, now. Outdoor events, cool events. Keep a look-out for the next events, but we'll be on Takealot, soon.

Leletu: How long do you take to deliver and where?

Menzi: Same day delivery. So, now we got outlets in Cape Town, Johannesburg and Durban. We're currently sponsoring events. We're doing Back Yard in Durban, BlackBrick in Cape Town and Joburg, as well.      

In conclusion Menzi Mcunu revealed that Boston's London Dry Gin team see themselves going global in five years and that anyone who has a dream like his just has to, "Start!"

For any promoter who'd like to work with them, message their Instagram account @bostons_gin.

Now, it's competition time! To stand a chance to win yourself one of 12 gins, simply answer the below question by commenting on this post and then share the article on social media. 

Competition question: Name the event where GeeGo's team met Menzi Mcunu.  

Winners will be announced  from Monday 19th. Good luck.