Restaurant Review: Proud Mary

Restaurant Review: Proud Mary

Rebaneilwe Semakane

A cute restaurant is always on the agenda! I had the pleasure of trying out a new spot called Proud Mary in Rosebank and my word, what a lovely spot. It is right at the end of the Zone @ Rosebank and the view is pleasing, as you see people going about their daily lives and some sexy cars.

First and foremost, the space. Its minimal, has many tables which are spaced out to adhere to Covid regulations and, it is clean and neat. I went at around 9am so the staff made sure tables are sanitised and the area is clean for patrons. I was welcomed with warm arms into the establishment, and my waiter was such a kind soul. I loved how he knew his way around the breakfast menu, he suggested some cool dishes, pity I could not eat all the food offered.

I had something safe, an Eggs Benedict. Presentation was good, taste was there but my dish had several nuts which diffused the meal immensely. I love a good eggs benedict and unfortunately to say, I have had better (and cheaper). Pricing is decent, but still adheres to the market climate. I paid R300 for two people so it would suffice as a decent brunch spot, witch nice views and okay food.

The service was amazing. The staff was kind, they check on you regularly and they make sure you are comfortable. So overall, it is a nice little establishment.

If I must rate out of 10, I will say the décor and atmosphere is a 9/10, the service is a 10/10, pricing is a 7/10 and the food, a 6/10. I also went through their wine menu, its extensive and can cater to the little sommelier in you.

Ultimately, it is a nice restaurant. Would not be my first choice but for convenience and a quick bite, it is the go-to.