The Township Dream; Lekau Sehoana

The Township Dream; Lekau Sehoana


Lekau Sehoana, founder and CEO of Drip Footwear was Born in Limpopo but raised at an informal settlement in Ivory Park, Midrand. Lekau’s dream was driven by poverty and his disadvantaged background became the foundation and driving force in building an empire. 

"My mom was single. She and my dad got divorced when I was only two. We then moved from Limpopo to Ivory Park township in Midrand. We had no electricity, and our clothes always wreaked paraffin. The shack we stayed in was very small and my mom and sister slept on the bed, while I slept on the floor with my two brothers. Coming back from school I used to be laughed at because of this. No one actually came to visit me after school, except a few people who accepted me and my circumstances.”


The year is 2003: the young Sehoana was in his first year of high school. It was
civvies day, and with nothing but tatters and old shoes to wear, he decided to make his own outfit. This was an existential moment for him:

“Luckily my grandmother taught me how to sew. I created my whole outfit from pieces of old denim, including the shoes which I sew together using denim and polyurethane. People loved my shoes, and for the rest of my high school career, I made clothes for others. I developed a love for fashion, and making shoes.”

He continued making them until late 2006 because in 2007 he was doing matric. Between 2007 and 2019, He studied civil engineering, worked at a construction company, did some research on professional shoemaking, and finally came up with this product.  In July 2019, Sehoana launched Drip Footwear with 600 pairs which sold out within six weeks. His company's slogan, "The Township Dream", is meant to raise hopes and inspire youth growing up in poor environments to dream big and far beyond their lives' circumstances

10 Things about Drip you did not know
• The first 600 pairs were all pink. It sold out within two weeks.
• Sehoana did not have his own pair of Drip sneakers until 2 December 2019.
The reason being, that the factory only had moulds for sizes 3 to 7, and once
he had the capital, he could do bigger sizes (it costs a pretty penny to open
a new sole mold).
• By December 2019 Drip grossed over R1,2 million.
• Sehoana now wears nothing but Drip on his feet.
• The first logo looked like a smiley face, but Sehoana changed it to the trendy
well-known “D” just before going into production for the first time.
• Yellow and red are the most popular Drip sneaker colours, therefore the
shoe boxes are red and the delivery vans are yellow.
• The first woman to rock a pair of Drips was media personality Kuli Roberts.
• Other names considered for the company were Azania and Ivory.
• The first shoes’ soles were made of silicone, which cracks fast, and was
quickly replaced with a better quality material.
• Unlike Nike, who only uses its swoosh on its shoes, Drip’s whole name is
printed on the shoe so that people can relate to the brand.


My name is Lekau Sehoana and I'm the Chairman of The Drip Group, a Black Owned Retail Group. All it took was that one Customer who believed in us for us to Grow this Vision. These coming months are going to be very interesting and productive. I can't wait...

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