Lincoln x ArtCenter College of Design | Quiet Flight 2040

Lincoln x ArtCenter College of Design | Quiet Flight 2040


Luxury American automotive company Lincoln knows how to pull off a concept car, and now it has unveiled the “Anniversary,” penned by the ArtCenter College of Design and revealed as part of Monterey Car Week‘s The Quail Motorsports Gathering.


The car you see above is a real-life, full-sized take on one of the drawings submitted by the students of California’s ArtCenter College of Design, who were tasked with envisioning the Lincoln of the future. Dictated by its “Quiet Flight” brand identity, the “Anniversary” is a car designed for 2040, featuring four seats and two doors for a low, long, swooping coupe look.

All around we find nods to Lincoln’s heritage, with the “Anniversary” sporting a huge badge-adorned grille and an even bigger front hood, while elements such as the swooping roofline that leads to a light bar at the rear could be interpreted as a contemporary nod to the late ’60s two-door Lincoln Continental convertible.

Speaking on the project, Kemal Curic, global director, Lincoln said, “The storyboarding presented by these students was beyond impressive, showcasing their rich design talent and creative approach to storytelling… This is precisely why we decided to create a full-sized replica of one of the projects, highlight the amazing talent in tomorrow’s designers and their unique perspective of our Lincoln Quiet Flight brand DNA.”