The first Lexus LC Convertible

The first Lexus LC Convertible


The first Lexus LC Convertible is now available in South Africa and joins the list as one of the luxury lifestyle brand's flagship models. This expands Lexus’ presence in among the most elite market segments. The Lexus design team received a daunting challenge: to create the world’s most beautiful open-top car. It was straight-forward, but a considerable challenge, as the new model had to preserve the essential styling motifs of the award-winning LC 500 coupe.

The roof was key to their goal, as chief designer Tadao Mori explained: “Few convertibles are stylish and elegant when the roof is open and when it is closed. We put maximum effort into realising the same beautiful roof line for the LC Convertible as for the coupe.”

The cover is set as low as possible, avoiding the familiar flat, platform look typical of many convertibles. The beltline kicks up behind the doors, creating an overall tight and clean profile. The folding roof boasts an extra fold in the soft top to fit in the space between the rear suspension towers, creating a character line running from the front to the back. As the cabin is more open to view, Lexus used innovative colour co-ordination to enhance the model’s special character and extrovert design.

Only one model grade is available and it’s priced at R2 345 500. The LC 500 Convertible delivers a unique and enthralling proposition in the luxury convertible segment by combining options-free indulgence with incredible V8 performance and sound.