South Africa ranks third worst country in the world to live in

South Africa ranks third worst country in the world to live in


According to new data published by InterNations, a network for expats, SA ranks in the bottom three along with Italy and Kuwait. Ranking high as the best expat locations globally are Taiwan with the No.1 spot, Mexico second and Costa Rica third. According to the data, Taiwan ranks first for a third year in a row in the Expat Insider 2021 survey. Quality of Life and Working Abroad were the indices used to determine the results. With a vast majority of expats rating quality medical care and its affordability as high on their priority lists.

The January 2021 survey included 12,000 expat respondents from across the world. Comprising of 174 nationalities and 186 countries/territories, the survey consisted of many lifestyle questions. Many were related to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and how this disrupted relocation plans or a recent stay abroad. A majority 96% rated quality medical care at 96% (vs. 71% globally) and a further 94% were satisfied with affordable healthcare (vs. 61% globally). Taiwan ranks high because most expats are happy with job security (83% vs. 61% globally) and life in general (80% vs. 75% globally).

In contrast, South Africa performed the worst in the Personal Finance Index with 34% of expats citing an insufficient disposable household income low. Globally 24% of expats felt the disposable household income wasn’t enough to account for all their expenses. Additionally only 57% were happy with their financial situation. Quality of Life and Safety & Security were other factors for the poor ranking.