Beats introduced the Beats Fit Pro earbuds

Beats introduced the Beats Fit Pro earbuds


Adding to its lineup, Beats now introduced the Beats Fit Pro earbuds. Serving as the most advanced earphones from the audio imprint, the Fit Pro earbuds are engineered for an active lifestyle with a focus on sonic performance.

The Beats Fit Pro earbuds feature a secure flexible wingtip design that fit with any ear shape or size that works with the advanced internals to provide high-quality acoustic performance. An all-new compact custom transducer delivers robust sound while an innovative vent system minimizes treble distortion. The Active Noise Cancelling (ANC), Transparency and Adaptive EQ mode each work to deliver impressive dynamic range and clarity with spatial audio with dynamic head tracking elements.

Class 1 Bluetooth® technology provides extended range and reliable connectivity with skin-detect sensors and the Apple H1 chip for a seamless experience. The earbuds also leverage beam-forming microphones, internal mic and voice accelerometer to filter out ambient noise during phone calls for enhanced clarity of listeners.

Finally, when using the ANC or Transparency modes the Beats Fit Pro delivers six hours of playback. While the pocket-sized USB-C charged carrying case provides 21 additional hours of battery life for a total of 27 hours combined playback. Using Adaptive EQ mode offers seven hours of listening time, 30 when combined with the case. Also, a 5-minute Fast Fuel charge gives the Beats Fit Pro earbuds one hour of playback.